Thursday, August 10, 2017


WOW Where has the time gone?

I have a lot to go back and catch up on, but right now I'm sitting at my computer while Ollie naps and Sawyer plays with Katelin, eating an Applesauce Chocolate Cookie (YUMMY), listening to jazz music playing from the other room. How did I get here and how am I so lucky?

I will have to play catch up and *shudder* backtrack. Sometimes I do better when I can remember the good parts and leave out the psychosis. I'm doing things differently.

The last 3 years have been wonderful. It's been a great year, and relaxing  summer, and currently, I'm at the cusp of a lot of positive changes, and felt like I needed to channel my energy to writing and recording so I don't forget how I'm feeling as I forge on.

Family is everything and I'm so happy to be on this planet with them by my side, everyday. After my experience with Oliver, I was introduced to a major mental shift thanks in part to Heidi and author Carol Tuttle. I was able to read her work on energy healing and was not once offended but felt empowered in my own natural strengths. Since then, I honestly feel like an updated version of myself. I try not to use "energy" in my daily vernacular, but I constantly refer to it to help me find my center. This hasn't replaced my deep roots of religion: rather it has helped further grow my testimony of the Gospel. I am a witness of the powers of the atonement and His grace. My life is a manifestation of the love of our Savior, Lord, Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. I don't usually spill my feelings about religion in my day-to-day, but I do think it's important to acknowledge His role in my life. He is love and I see it all around me. I'm the wife and mother I need to be and I rely heavily on the Spirit to keep me on course. Carol Tuttle's writing gave me confidence to recognize angels and spiritual help that's available whenever I need it. I appreciate having little reminders that I'm being watched over, and that the covenants I made in the Temple with Taylor 9 years ago have ultimately served our family during rough patches and hurt feelings.

Basically, this is where I am right now. I can't promise to hold everyone's interest, but I can be more open about the journey. Either you can take it or you can click "older posts" until something grabs your attention. I cannot get stuck on worrying if my experiences please everyone. I'm not chocolate, but sometimes I'm pretty hilarious. OK BYEE.